Dee Zilke is a:

~Registered Social Worker (RSW) within the province of Alberta, Canada

~Certified Child & Youth Care Counsellor (CCYCC) within the Province of Alberta, Canada

~200-hour Registered Yoga Teacher with the Yoga Alliance


~Registered Child Yoga Teacher (RCYT)

~Registered Perinatal Yoga Teacher (RPYT)

Dee started practicing yoga in 2011 when looking for something to balance out her day between university and work. She quickly realized that it was much more than stretching and bending into poses and a love of being on her yoga mat developed quickly. Her first yoga teacher was an amazing mentor and provided opportunities to tie practice to her social work and child & youth care career to find ways in supporting families.

Dee provides online and in-person classes for the following:

~Adult Yoga (18+)

~Family Yoga (all ages)

~Kids Yoga (17-Under)

~Prenatal Yoga

~Postnatal Yoga

~Baby & Me Yoga

~Animal Yoga (all types)

~Yin Yoga

~Yoga Nidra

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Guided meditation is an important complimentary component to yoga; being able to bring awareness to the Body-Mind-Soul invites balance and mindfulness of both the Solar and Lunar sides to our energy. Guided Meditation classes provide participants with the opportunity to exclusively explore this awareness and bring  focus to their yoga journey, and for themselves in all capacities within their lives!  We provide themed classes to focus on a bi-weekly topic bringing awareness to the various aspects of Body, Mind and Soul are provide opportunities for daily and weekly affirmations for one's practice on their meditation bolster, and yoga mat.

We are excited to bring a new perspective to meditation as it can be difficult to create stillness in our lives that may be full of movement.

Providing Meditation Classes with the following focus:

~Guided Meditations

~Themes for focus

~Positive Affirmations

~Body scans

~Guided Distance Reiki

These are just a small part of how your meditation practice can evolve with Solaire Lunaire Yoga.

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Dee Zilke is a:

~Usui Reiki Master (2021)

She has been practicing In-Person and Distance Reiki since 2017. After breaking her ankle October 30, 2017, and being told that chronic pain was going to be a daily norm, there was a calling to learn more about this ancient form of healing.

Completing Levels 1 & 2 Reiki Training provided  new found insight to provide herself and others the opportunity to seek ways for Reiki energy to promote healing, reduce stress, and relaxation techniques.

Providing Sessions in the following:

~In-Person Reiki sessions

~Distance Reiki sessions

~Pendulum energy work

~Chakra balancing

~Card readings

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If you identify as requiring any modifications due to the following significant impact on your daily living, we want to support you to stay on your yoga mat!


.  Disabilities  .  Low Income  .  Medical Diagnoses  .  Requiring 1:1 Support  .  Self-Care Support  .  Youth Support

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